Middle-Aged & Yearning To Parent? Consider These Three Opportunities To Nurture A Child

While marrying young and starting a family early were once considered the norm, many Americans are now entering midlife without ever having experienced the satisfaction of raising a child. For some, not having children during their twenties or thirties was a deliberate choice to give them time to find the right partner or advance a successful career. For others entering into midlife without having children may have been the result of a failed marriage, infertility or some other issue that prevented them from having a child. Read More 

This Isn’t What I Expected: Avoiding Common Pitfalls Of Parenting After Adoption

Adopting a child is a great gift, both to your family and to the child. It is also a time of great change, and with change comes stress. It isn't uncommon for new adoptive parents to find themselves in situations they didn't expect. Here are some of the most common difficulties faced by families completing adoption, and how to work through them in ways that strengthen your bond with your child. Read More